Staff are encouraged to nurture their own faith and understanding through opportunities such as further study in Religious Education and Theology, prayer and reflection, retreats and pilgrimages and other faith formation activities.

The staff at St Fiacre’s Catholic Primary School Leichhardt are committed to nurturing their faith. Each week a staff member presents a story from their Religious Education units using the storytelling activities as the basis for their staff prayer. This is presented at staff meetings to ensure all staff are aware of and understand the scriptural experiences of K-6. 

Each year the staff participate in a Spirituality Day. This is a chance for the entire staff to come together, experience prayer and scripture and to reflect together. These days  are planned based on the theme of the year from Sydney Catholic Schools and the goals of St Fiacre’s AIP. This year while we explore the 200 years of Catholic Education we are looking at this through the lense of being the light in the world for others. To further support our staff we invite the informative and dynamic presenter, Robert Haddad to speak to the staff at a staff meeting about our focus.